Children's Vaccinations

At Preston Travel Clinic, we offer a range of vaccinations suitable for children through our new children's vaccination clinic, Vaccines For Kids.

We can immunise children against a number of childhood diseases and can also provide suitable vaccinations based on travel plans, to protect children when travelling outside the UK.


During the pre-vaccination consultation with us we will ask for details of the child's medical and vaccination history. If you are unsure of the child's vaccination history you can check with their GP. To keep their vaccination record up to date at their GP surgery we will, with appropriate consent, send a notification record to their GP detailing the vaccination(s) we have administered.

Visit our dedicated children's vaccination website at to see our vaccine superhero, Viktor!

Childhood Vaccinations

We can vaccinate children (dependent on age) against the following childhood diseases:

  • Chickenpox

  • Diphtheria, Polio and Tetanus*

  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)*

  • Meningitis B**

* These vaccinations are routinely offered to children as part of the NHS national children's vaccination program.

** This vaccination has recently been added to the NHS national children's vaccination programme for babies.

Travel Vaccinations

Most of the travel vaccinations available to adults at Preston Travel Clinic are either also suitable for children or have a formulation specifically for children. Either drop in or call us to speak to one or our travel vaccine specialists who can provide you with up to date information about which vaccinations are required based upon your travel plans, and which ones we can provide dependent on the age and medical/vaccination history of the child. 

Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations

As part of our annual seasonal influenza vaccination clinic at Broadway Pharmacy we are looking to extend the service to children as well as adults. More details to follow soon!

Please note: All vaccinations are subject to inclusion/exclusion criteria